‘Veep,’ ‘American Crime’ & ‘The Slap’ Editors Cut In Tension, Laughs & Multiple Perspectives


Being an editor is a little like being a mortician. You’re often the last one to see the finished product and, if done well, no one notices your handiwork.

Of course, in TV, millions attend the viewing. And a bad wake can be the death of a show or career. But such are the perils of the TV editor, who must at once represent the director’s vision while maintaining the skepticism and surprise of a viewer. And whether it’s maintaining mayhem, layering the tension, or keeping the punchlines punching, today’s TV editor is a Jack—and Jill—of all trades.

AwardsLine spoke with Luyen Vu, editor of American Crime, Allyson Johnson, editor of The Slap, and Anthony Boys, editor of Veep, to get their take on getting the take.


American Crime

If American Crime has a working motto among the crew it would be, “When the going…

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