New BFFs: IBM and Box


Over the last year, IBM has sparked partnerships with unlikely bedfellows like Apple and Twitter. Now, Big Blue is linking up with another hot Silicon Valley company: cloud storage and collaboration provider Box.

The partnership spans across several aspects of the respective companies’ businesses. For starters, users of Box’s file-sharing service will now be able to tap into IBM’s “enterprise content management” tools. IBM’s email and collaboration products, meanwhile, will feature Box’s file-sharing capabilities built in (that’s right, Box will come out of the box). Notably, IBM customers will be able to keep their Box documents on the larger company’s global cloud–IBM says it will have 46 cloud data centers, nearly half of which will be based overseas, by end of this year.

Not all partnerships result in meaningful benefits to customers or to the companies that link up, of course. But in this case both sides stand to…

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