“For The Ladies Who Pamper Their Dads?!” …Triumph Achieves An Epic Defeat

Mad Over Marketing

Ladies and Gentlemen, Triumph just made the biggest blunder that a brand could, and not only does it have us cringing, it has us baffled!

Go ahead, behold this masterpiece.

“For the ladies… who pamper their dads”

Words of wisdom, isn’t it.

And the 3 dots, after ladies, doesn’t help either. What do we make of that?

1. Suspense?

For the ladies…


…who pamper their dads.

2. Dirty Mind?

For the ladies…


…who pamper their dads.

3. Or downright creepy?

For the ladies…


… who pamper their dads.

You got it right, the ad is…


And imagine the fate of the mothers who saw this ad


And oh yes, the ad bore the brunt of Twitter as well.

Rishi Kapoor lost it

Then these true words were…

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