10 Revealing Signs He Can’t Handle You In The Bedroom

Thought Catalog

Shutterstock / Guryanov AndreyShutterstock / Guryanov Andrey

Men claim they love it when we take control, when we show them we are as hot for them as they are hot for us. And that’s true – to a point. “Many men I know always claim to wish women would be more aggressive in bed, but having worked in the porn biz for as long as I have, I have seen firsthand what happens to men whose wish is suddenly fulfilled,” says Homegrown Video owner Farrell Timlake, the king of amateur porn. “It is not a pretty sight!”

Timlake recalls one occasion when four huge muscle-bound Czechs were in town making the rounds as studs sporting erections that made even the crew nervous. “They were set to perform with Mila, all 103 pounds of her, a skinny blond with a voracious sexual appetite who actually requested to work with the four guys – at the same time! The…

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