The devil wears de la Renta


Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!is a quick, compelling read, partly because Nicholas Carlson, a chief correspondent with Business Insider, writes in punchy Tweet-sized paragraphs, the signature style of his employer. A web sensibility doesn’t always translate to the printed word, but Carlson has shown he can strike the right balance. The first section of the book tells a rich tale of Yahoo’s many years of CEO turmoil, introducing curious conflicts and slowly pulling the yarn just enough to hold interest.

This is important since the first half of Carlson’s book covers a lot of familiar territory. Yahoo’s origins have been well-documented in magazine feature stories and in the 2002 book Inside Yahoo!: Reinvention and the Road Aheadby Karen Angel. For anyone not familiar with the Internet giant’s history, Carlson has rewritten it in eight chapters. (He apparently has a habit of doing this; according…

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