Evelyn Lozada On Chad’s New Love: ‘You Wrecked A Maserati So You Could Ride In A Corolla’

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We haven’t seen any ratchetness from “Basketball Wives” reality star, Evelyn Lozada, in a while. Mainly because she’s been way too busy trying to “fix her life.” Meanwhile, rumors have it that Chad Ochocincomay be ready to walk down the aisle again. Say word?!

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Even though Evelyn is working hard to become a good girl, sometimes you just can’t resist a nasty twitter beef–so here it goes. Apparently, Mr. Ochocinco has a new boo; and that new boo made herself known to Ms. Lozada over the weekend. When a twitter fan asked this new girlfriend whether she trusted her Chad or not, a series of tweets were exchanged between the two, including a picture of the new boo and Ochocinco together.

Evelyn had quite a bit to say about her. Signs of jealousy or just provoked into a…

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