At the foot of Les Invalidesin Paris, la Maison Dior has presented their Spring/Summer 2013. The first collection of pret-a-porter with Raf Simons as creative director of the house. Last July Simons made his entry into Dior. A baptism, presenting their haute couture creations. The codes of the house revisited by Raf Simons, with its sleek design and exquisite treatment. Incredible revitalize the refined materials Dior universe


The silhouette bar, line A, gray, etc. The black wool tuxedo opened the parade. Variations on a theme that kept belting the figure and add a delicate tie-in different colors-around neck. Then, in pastel colors with a metallic sheen, have taken to catwalk a set of mini-dresses with undulating forms.


Asymmetries have staged colorful cocktail outputs. Impeccable falls diagonally from the blouses that returned a new color just as powerful in the front than in…

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