Devin Brugman Is A Double D-Licious Bikini Model We’re Now Obsessed With [60 PHOTOS]

Originally posted on College Life, Hot Girls, Funny Pics, Sexy Cheerleaders: COED:

One of the most rewarding feelings we can get working here at COED is randomly stumbling onto a girl we’ve never heard of before. Today that happened with bikini model Devin Brugman whose photos (one in particular) made my jaw drop. We’ll get to her amazing pictures in a little bit but first let’s tell you a little bit about this absolute dimepiece. She’s a freelance model and student at Mount St. Mary’s College who has just become this office’s favorite girl. She hangs out and works with Natasha Oakley for a project called A Bikini A Day that is exactly as awesome as it sounds.

So far she’s done work with Rider Magazine, Datreats Production, and a handful of other places. We expect to see a lot more of her in the future. While we’ve picked out a mammoth-sized gallery for you to enjoy, you can always follow her…

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