Guest Post: “It Was Hard Not Having Her at My Wedding”

Nikole Hahn

By Krystina Gibson with Kassi Knight

(Photos by Gail McNeeley)

Our mother, Jennifer Gibson, was kind, loving, smart, beautiful, talented, and caring.  She was loved by everyone and adored children as well. We took her off life support on her 39th birthday, and on January 17, 2003 our mother passed away.

Kassi was 12 years old, and I was 14.  This was a very difficult time in our lives.  We were barely teenagers, and we were entering into the years when it was critical for teenage girls to have their mother, because dads don’t really know about those womanly details.  We had a lot of questions, and even though there were female figures in our lives, it wasn’t the same as having our mother around.

Some things we learned on our own and other things we were taught.  It didn’t get any easier as we grew up.  We’re at…

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