Get The Skinny On The “Leonisa” Body Shaper [PRODUCT REVIEW]

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My abs have never been the same  since I had surgery a few years ago, despite my active cardio lifestyle, which includes intense exercise and strength training. Now keep in mind I’m a petite woman, but I’m very self-conscious about my mid-section and I tend to wear loose-fitting clothing as a result of this issue.

I have tried many, many body shapers, including all the top brands like Spanx, and always felt like a  stuffed sausage in its casing. With so many options to choose from, picking the right shape wear is not an easy task, so when I got my hands on the Leonisa Classic Bodysuit Contour Shaper, I thought, here we go again–I have an event to attend, it’s 90+ in my apartment, and by the time I squeeze my body into this, the sweat will be dripping, my hair will be a mess, and I’m going to show…

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