29 Sexiest Twitpics Of Kaylyn Kyle – Canadian Soccer Player [PHOTOS]

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Fresh off of a heart-breaking defeat to Team USA, we thought we’d give Canada their last minute in the limelight. The hottest Canadian Olympian, Kaylyn Kyle was one of the Canadian babes brought to tears by Alex Morgan‘s header late in the second period of extra time. Since Kaylyn is far too hot to go down in flames like the rest of her Canadian teammates, we have decided to showcase her one last time in these 2012 Olympics…with her 29 sexiest Twitpics.

Although Kyle hasn’t scored in Olympic action, she had played minutes in every match so far. How this girl isn’t more famous, even in Canada is beyond stupid. She’s a 23-year-old bombshell who could easily pass as Carrie Underwood on good days.

Get To Know Canadian Soccer Player Kaylyn Kyle

  • 23 years old
  • 5’8″, 137 lbs.
  • University of Saskatchewan graduate
  • Only 12,000 Twitter followers! Step it up Canucks!

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