How to Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: A Girl’s Guide to Surviving a Crush


A crush is basically the Survivor of romance. It is what separates the strong from the weak; the girls from the women. The only difference is that if you can conquer this ultimate challenge you won’t be left standing alone on an island…you’ll have company.

It is all too easy to succumb to the school girl comfort of a crush. It doesn’t matter how old you are; when those butterflies hit it brings you back to second grade when you were getting your pigtails pulled on the playground. So why not just enjoy it? A crush is basically a 1-2-Punch to your self-esteem and intellect. If you actually want to have a shot with this guy, appearing vapid and insecure will not work in your favor.

You may need to check yourself if:

  • Every time you open your mouth to say something intelligent you end up giggling and playing with…

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